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Biohub Slovakia is open to all talented, dedicated teams and individuals across the nation. It is just a click away for getting professional advice and support! And the best part for enrolled participants - the incubator is free of charge and does not take any equity.


Develop own business model and best fit for your ideas.

One-to-one sessions with the Biohub team members.

Continuous networking with participating start-up teams.


Supervision with matching coaches.

Coaches bring in specific industry know-how and access to international networks.

Post mentoring support.


Insights on IPR, BD, grant application, financing, marketing etc.

Quarterly sessions with invited guest speakers, spotlight series.


Training for pitching and presentation.

Networking with life science incubators and investors in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.


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Biohub Slovakia

at the Science Park

Biohub Slovakia is an incubator program to support academia and entrepreneurs turning ideas and innovations into scalable products. The incubator is located within the Bratislava Science Park at the Comenius University and supported by the Slovak Ministry of Health.

A dedicated team of national and international life science professionals provide hands-on support and mentoring for students and academic start-ups. Our program is complemented by year around workshops focusing on key aspects of R&D including technology transfer, business development, strategic marketing, intellectual property, non-dilutive funding (national/international) and VC financing. Further educational trainings and tutorials for healthcare professionals are offered upon demand.

Institute of Research and Development (IRD) at the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic is, since its creation in November 2016, very active in setting, searching, evaluating and networking of activities in biomedical and health R&D in Slovakia, in line with national and international needs. The Institute has ambitions to support excellent basic and applied R&D, innovations and technology transfer in health, in particular in the biomedical area.


Dr. Ivica Kvietikova
Dr. Ivica Kvietikova

Head of the Institute of Research and Development at the Ministry of Health of the SR (MoH SR). Upon receiving her Master degree in molecular biology and human genetics, she has obtained her PhD at the University of Zürich in field of molecular physiology and latter a Master in Intellectual Property Protection (MAS ETH IP) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ). She has worked for a long time in Switzerland and Austria, firstly as a researcher and later as a patent counsel both, in the small biotech and the large pharma companies. At the MoH SR, she coordinates and ensures projects of systemic support for development of excellent biomedical research (especially strategic, legislative-ethical aspects, expert support, setting of funding allocations, etc.), and coordinates development and establishment of BioHub Slovakia.

Dr. Martina Lutterova
Dr. Martina Lutterova

After obtaining  a master degree in fermentation chemistry and biochemical technologies and PhD in biochemistry, she has worked in life science research and development. She has more than 15 years experiences in drug development industry on various scientific and middle management positions. She has its own company for consultanting in life sciences research, development and commercialisation. She works as an external expert of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic for support of biomedical research and development, and she is in the management team of the Biohub Slovakia. She also acts as an evaluator of scientific projects for European commission programs. In addition, she helps SME teams in supporting programmes of various agencies.

Mgr. Katarina Kovacova
Mgr. Katarina Kovacova

CEO Kovac Services s.r.o. & external expert Slovak Ministry of Health. Katarina acts as a clinical trial expert adviser for regulatory affairs in Slovak and Czech Republics, and as an opinion leader for drug law development. She worked in Slovak regulatory agency as a Head of Clinical trial department.

Dr. Peter Amersdorfer
Dr. Peter Amersdorfer

CEO DiagnoNET & international expert at the Slovak Ministry of Health. He has more than 20 years of experience in life science industries and  a proven track record for developing innovative products and services derived from breakthrough technology platforms (e.g. Phylos Inc, Corvas International Inc, Dendreon Inc., Oridis Biomed GmbH, Orthosera GmbH, Protagen AG). He serves as business mentor at Science Park Graz (Austria), BioM Munich (Germany) and expert evaluator for the EIC Accelerator Call 2020. Peter holds a Master of Sciences in molecular biology (1993) and a PhD. (1997) from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Austria in cooperation with the University of California, San Francisco.



Dr. Axel Heitmüller
CEO Imperial College Health Partners, United Kingdom
Dr. Gerhard Weinzierl
Founder Schiweck, Koch and Weinzierl mbB
Dr. Bernhard Weber
CEO ZWI GmbH, Austria
Dr. Jaromir Zahradka
CEO i&i Prague, Czech Republic
Dr. Peter Gasteiner
COO Steady Sense GmbH, Austria
Dr. Dieter Lingelbach
COO Sirion Biotech GmbH, Germany
Dr. Stefan Müllner
Managing Partner Fundamenta Life Science, Germany