Attention! The workshop is cancelled! ERC Grant Writing Workshop
Bratislava, Slovakia

Individual Researchers


The ERC grant writing workshop is cancelled due to actual coronavirus situation and prevention measures taken. Since there will be in 2020 only the Advanced ERC grant call opened in May 2020, we will focus on this type and support of researchers who want to apply for this type of grant in a specific Advanced ERC grant writing workshop in May 2020 with the help of a commercial agency. Only researchers who will prepare and sent a short synopsis of their possible ERC Advanced grant proposal will be able to participate in this May workshop. We release closer information soon. Until that time, please contact Slovak National Contact points for ERC Mrs Hermanovská and Ftáčniková for initial input on eligibility criteria and/or read the basic information on the ERC web page: (https://erc.europa.eu/funding/advanced-grants)

The ERC grant writing workshop (I) which has been planned to be open for researchers of all seniority is shifted to September or October 2020 and will be foreseen as preparation for the new period 2021-2027 when the ERC grant program will continue. We will then focus on preparation for the next ERC Program aiming to increase the participation and success of researchers from Slovak institutions in 2021-2027.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Those who are already registered for the event will be offered participation in the September/October 2020 date.

ERC Starting,  and Consolidator and Advanced Grants. This training aims to support you in the process of writing a proposal for the ERC calls, with a particular focus on Life Sciences, Biomedicine and Health area. Supported by case examples and exercises, we will address the below topics:


Basic principles and updates

ERC grants from the Perspective of the ERC Executive Agency

Tips for a successful ERC Proposal: How do I structure the application? How do I present my CV and track record?

Lunchbreak- Refreshment and informal networking

Experiences from a successful ERC grantees

Wearing an Evaluator’s hat


Soňa Ftáčniková, Iveta Hermanovská, both SLOVAK NCP OFFICE HORIZON 2020, CVTI SR

Philippe Cupers, ERC, Head of Unit, ERCEA.B.3 - Life Sciences

Jan Tkáč, Chemistry Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Shubhada Bopegamage, Head of Microbiology Institute, Slovak Medical University

Daniela Ježová, Biomedical Research Center, Slovak Academy of Sciences


Bratislava, Slovakia


Mar 20, 2020

10:30 - 15:30


40-50 people


Free of charge


Refreshment during the event



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This event has passed.
Since the event is cancelled due to actual coronavirus situation and prevention measures, registration is for the moment stopped. We will keep you informed.
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