Unique opportunity also for Slovak innovators in health tech and other areas!

January 29, 2021

BioHub Slovakia is bringing interesting information for all innovators in health tech and other areas!

A new program for entrepreneurs is open in Graz.

Application is open for all nationalities. For the duration of the accelerator they provide up to 5 teams with a fully furnished flat that is already paid for. RLB Steiermark is offering all participating startups of the Acceleration Topic Track the opportunity to compete for an investment of up to € 50.000. All participating startups have to agree to set terms or show an existing valuation before being officially accepted to the program.

The first track is the so-called “Acceleration Topic Track”, which focuses on early stage tech startups and non-founded tech teams, that develop interesting and innovative business models and technologies in the following acceleration areas: Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Financial Services and Health Tech.

The second track is our “Proof of Concept Track”, where we work with startups, tech teams, and students, that will solve a specific tech challenge of one of our PoC-Partners from various backgrounds and industries. Teams can be both, incorporated startups, and non-founded tech teams, that have the goal to build a company.

More information at https://www.accelerator-graz.io/